Day 186 - A Close Shave

186/365 - A Close Shave, originally uploaded by magirob.

Friday 19th March 2010 - I drove home from Cornwall today, i spent practically the whole of the last 3 days working on some stuff for a friends birthday so thanks to Phil for putting up with my mess covering his whole house.

As you can see i had a fight with a lawnmower today :) This weekend is apparently THE weekend to get your lawnmowers out so i thought i would get mine out a day early :D

Today i will be recommending the song - 'Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye' from the soundtrack of E.T The Extra-Terrestrial by John Williams, It has to be in my top ten of favourite pieces of music.

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  1. It's ok having your stuff everywhere, I honestly don't mind in the slightest, he he :-)