Day 136 - Packing

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28th January 2010 - Just a quicky today as i have spent the evening packing, I am off to Jersey in the Channel Islands tomorrow so will upload all the weekend pics later on.

Day 135 - An American Werewolf in London

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January 27th 2010 - My other half got me the AWESOME poster, its one of my all time favourite horror films. I remember watching it when i was 12 (yes 12) and being so scared when the werewolf chased the guy in Piccadilly underground station.

Werewolves are now my number 1 favourite movie monster and thats what i want to be when i grow up.

Day 134 - Australia day

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26th Jan 2010 - Australia day - thought i would play with the paints again and try some Aboriginal face painting.

Hope all you Australians have a great day.

Day 133 - Braveheart

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25th Jan 2010 - Its Burns Night, and todays photo is based on Braveheart, the Mel Gibson film about William Wallace.

Day 132 - Stitches Out

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Sunday 24th Jan 2010 - The film 'Die another day' has been on a lot this last week and here i am watching it for the third time. I pulled all my stitches out today, they were meant to dissolve but they were still in and were getting a bit painful, now they are out its much much better :D

Day 131 - Chelsea

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Saturday 23rd Jan 2010 - Was at work today so just a quicky pic.

Day 130 - Angelic?

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January 22nd 2010 - Not sure if i like this or not, i did originally put a halo over my head but it seemed to slip down round my ankles, ha ha

Day 129 - West Bay

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January 21st 2010 - I stopped off at West Bay beach on the way home from Cornwall today, it has the most amazing cliffs full of dinosaurs and things.

Day 128 - Perranporth

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January 20th 2010 - Still in Cornwall and today I went back to one of my favourite places in the whole world.

Perranporth, 3 miles of pure flat golden sandy beach. its one of the most awesome places i have ever been to and I love it here.

Day 127 - Mysterious Stranger

127/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

January 19th 2010 - I am back down in Falmouth, Cornwall today and they have new street lighting here.

Day 126 - That's Handy

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Hooray. the bandage is off, woohoo, i am so pleased its off as it was really getting on my nerves :D

Day 125 - Cirque Du Soliel

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January 17th 2010 - a day in London today finished off with seeing Cirque Du Soliel and their show Varekai.

A totally awesome show, if you get a chance, go and see it.

Day 124 - It's Green

124/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

Day 124 - Saturday 16th Jan 2010 - Here it is, 9 days since the accident and 4 days since the operation, not looking too bad really, yes my hand IS actually that colour.

Day 123 - Gone

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Friday 15th Jan 2009 - The hospital told me not to remove my bandages for 7 days, its now been 5 days so i thought i would take a peek, look what i found, i think i need to let it grow back a bit more.

Day 122 - Escape

122/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

Just a quicky today as i was allowed out for the first time after my op and stayed out till just before 12 :D

I took this quick shot just before midnight.

Day 121 - Flowers

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Weds 13th Jan 2010 - I got these flowers today from my lovely boyfriend, thank you honey, it was hard work to take this with 1 hand but i managed :D feeling much better today too :o)

oh its day 121, does that mean i am just about a third of the way thro my 365 :o) woohoo

Day 120 - Operation Day

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Tuesday January 12th 2009 - Operation day, I had the hand op this morning which went well but since then i have felt horrible, It must be the effects of the general anaesthetic, Its the constant feeling of wanting to be sick without being able to, I have also slept for most of the day too.
Apart from that, everything is fine and dandy :D

Day 119 - Pop

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I did an easy one today, got a lot going on, will hopefully manage to get tomorrows done too :D

Day 118 - Sledging

118/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

Its time for some fun in the snow today before it all melts :D WOOOHOOOO

Day 117 - Cream Crackers

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January 9th 2010 - Today i went to work and just about managed with the hand situation going on :D

Here i am trying the Jacobs Cream Cracker challenge with Clint,
whats the Jacobs Cream Cracker challenge i hear you ask???? i have no idea, ha ha

Day 116 - Still Attached

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January 8th 2010 - Ok so here is my hand today minus the bandages.

You cant actually see the injury as its on the other side but i did it in black and white as there is a bit of blood still.

After todays trip to see the plastic surgeon they have decided to do a small operation on Tuesday to examine the 'hole' and re-attach any nerves and ligaments i may have severed, nice.

Day 115 - The Accident

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Jan 7th 2010 - Ooops, i had a slight accident tonight, i was going to upload a pic of me in the snow again but then this happened.
Yes yes, i know i am stupid for letting nat practice his knife throwing skills on me but how else does he learn?

Off to QA tomorrow to see if i need surgery, it will be ok :D these Doctors are Miracle workers these days.

Day 114 - Snow Day

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Jan 6th 2010 - SNOW DAY - Well it arrived, i nearly got stuck in it last night but made it home thanks to my lovely little van. Here i am at Farlington Marshes in Portsmouth.

Day 113 - Look deep enough

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Tonight we are told to expect 15 inches of Snow, that will never happen, not in Portsmouth anyway.

Day 112 - Brighton Pier

112/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

A day in Brighton today, a beautiful day with a clear blue sky but freezing temps.

Day 111 - Bournemouth

111/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

Today i went to Bournemouth to visit some friends, it was a really nice day out :D but really cold, brrrrrrrr

Day 110 - Space Age

110/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

I have a new toy today, it arrived in the post this morning, Its a fish eye lense.

Day 109 - Sky Lanterns

109/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

New Years Day - The first one of the New year - setting off a sky lantern in the first hour of the year.

Day 108 - Goodbye 2009

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Here i am in the dying moments of 2009, goodbye old friend, you have been a good year to me. Hello to 2010.

Happy new year to everyone, I hope its a wonderful year for you all.