Day 229 - Holster

229/365 - Holster, originally uploaded by magirob.

Saturday 1st May 2010 - Here is my Gun Holster which i have purchased recently ready for the wild west Dinner I am helping to organise in a couple of weeks, I should be able to keep everyone under control with this :D, any major problems and they can take it up with my Winchester Rifle.

Song of the Day - Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell

Day 228 - Anniversary

228/365 - Anniversary, originally uploaded by magirob.

Friday 30th April 2010 - Today is my Anniversary, I have been with Nathan for 8 years now, golly gosh :D

Song of the day, its our song - Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship

Day 227 - Mixed Emotions

227/365 - Mixed Emotions, originally uploaded by magirob.

Thursday 29th April 2010 - Today was an odd day, A friend of mine has ended up ill in hospital over night so am hoping she gets better soon, another friend told me his auntie died recently so thats sad too. On the other hand another friend of mine who recently got diagnosed with cancer received some very good news, I am so happy for her I nearly cried :D

Day 226 - Decking

226/365 - Decking, originally uploaded by magirob.

Wednesday 28th April 2010 - Its a chill out day today, doing a few bits round the house, some things for the Dinner i am organising too.

Song of the day - Huey Lewis and the News - Power of Love

Day 225 - Demolition

225/365 - Demolition, originally uploaded by magirob.

Tuesday 27th April 2010 - Woke up this morning to a racket outdoors, they have started to demolish the buildings behind my house, it used to be part of a dairy and garage and was quite a big set of buildings but already there is a lot more light in the garden.

Day 224 - Harrods

224/365 - Harrods, originally uploaded by magirob.

Monday 26th April 2010 - Today I spent the day in London with Nat, we did lots of touristy things, Westminster Cathedral, Harrods, Oxford Street and finishing it off with Sister Act at the London Palladium.

Song of the Day - Raise Your Voice - The Cast of Sister Act

Day 223 - Herb Garden

223/365 - Herb Garden, originally uploaded by magirob.

Sunday 26th April 2010 - Today I had an unexpected day off which was nice, I went to Lymington in the New Forest and then Met with friends for dinner in the evening, lovely day :D Here i am with some herbs and other plants I am growing with my other half.

Song of the Day - Falling into you - Celine Dion

Day 222 - Winchester Rifle

222/365 - Winchester Rifle, originally uploaded by magirob.

Today has been a VERY LONG day with lots of work which is always good :D

On May 15th I am helping to organise a wild west themed dinner and i have started to work on my costume. Here is my Winchester Rifle :o)

Song of the Day - Testimony - Christopher Ward

Day 221 - Lyme Regis

221/365 - Lyme Regis, originally uploaded by magirob.

Friday 23rd April 2010 - Today i drove back from Cornwall and stopped off at the seaside town of Lyme Regis. What a lovely little place that is, i think it helped that the sun was shining :D

Song of the day - Old Devil Moon, Don Franks and Petula Clark

Day 220 - St Ives

220/365 - St Ives, originally uploaded by magirob.

Thursday 22nd April 2010 - Still in Cornwall and I went to St Ives on the Train today, The train to St Ives is considered one of the most scenic railways in the world, it IS worth a look if your heading that way :D

Song of the day - Albatros - Fleetwood Mac

Day 219 - p.p.p.p.pack up a Penguin

Wednesday 21st April 2010 - I am still in Cornwall and today I have been in Newquay, we visited the zoo and also went to an old house, I bought this new suitcase the other day, yes he is a suitcase.

Song of the Day - Jupiter from the Planets - Holst

Day 218 - End of the World

218/365 - End of the World, originally uploaded by magirob.

Day 218 - The End of the World - Tuesday 20th April 2010 - Here i am at the end (or beginning) of the world (or England) at Lands End in Cornwall. You can just see the lighthouse in the background.

Song of the day - All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

Day 217 - Torquay

217/365 - Torquay, originally uploaded by magirob.

Monday 19th April 2010 - On Holiday :D woohoo :D This is the model village in Babbacombe.

Song of the day - Sign Off - Cliff Eidelmann

Day 216 - Big Feet

216/365 - Big Feet, originally uploaded by magirob.

DAY 216 - Big Feet - Sunday 18th April 2010 - I have been working at Fareham Shopping Centre again today doing my wizarding thing and making balloons, I am off to Cornwall tonight for a holiday tho :D

Song of the day - A Hero Comes Home - Idina Menzel

Day 215 - Reflection

215/365 - Reflection, originally uploaded by magirob.

Saturday 17th April 2010 - Today i have been working at Fareham Shopping Centre making balloons and entertaining the kids.

Song of the Day - Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree by Dawn

Day 214 - Sunshine

214/365 - Sunshine, originally uploaded by magirob.

Friday 16th April 2010 - I had a sit in the sunshine for 5 mins today which was nice, the sun was so bright despite the threat of volcanic ash sweeping across the country.

Song of the day - One Vision by Queen

Day 213 - Titanic

213/365 - Titanic, originally uploaded by magirob.

Thursday 15th April 2010 - 98 years ago on this night the RMS Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

After that happy note, what an interesting day its been with Volcanoes and no flights in the UK and lunch with Clint too.

Song of the day - Go the Distance from the film Hercules

Day 212 - Durdle Door

212/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

Weds 14th April 2010 - I went on a Photo mission to Durdle Door today, its an amazing section of coastline between Swanage and Weymouth.

Such a beautiful place that makes you happy to be alive.

Song of the day - Defying Gravity - from Wicked.

Day 211 - Happy New Year Thailand

Tues 13th April 2010 - Its Thai New Year today so happy new year to them :D

Song of the day - New world in the morning by Roger Whittaker (I have such a random taste in music, lol)

Day 210 - Billy the Kid

210/365 - Billy the Kid, originally uploaded by magirob.

Monday 12th April 2010 - This is Billy the Kid, one of the only known photographs of him. no one knows how many people he shot, some say 4, some say more than 25, we may never know.

Todays Song - Planet Factory Floor from the soundtrack of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Day 209 - Spinnaker

209/365 - Spinnaker, originally uploaded by magirob.

Sunday 11th April 2010 - Its been a lovely weekend this weekend, Spring has finally Sprung :D woohoo, here is the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth.

Today as Pompey won the footie and are now in the Final, I have Chosen the song Portsmouth by Mike Oldfield.

Day 208 - Sheep

208/365 - Sheep, originally uploaded by magirob.

Satuday 10th April 2010 - Saw these Sheep on the way to my job today, the sun is shining and i am happy (yes I am I promise)

Song of the day - Islands in the Stream - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

Day 207 - Mr Benn

207/365 - Mr Benn, originally uploaded by magirob.

Friday 9th April 2010 - I spent the Day today with my lovely other half, its been a totally splendid day with LOTS of sunshine and a bit of shopping and just general chilling out :D
Here is Mr Benn, i have featured him before on my 365, he was a favourite character from my childhood and when i joined Equity (the Trade Union for Actors and Entertainers) i had to change my name for various reasons, so I chose Mr Benn.

My song today is the theme tune to the TV program Mr Benn -

Day 206 - A Day Full of Everything

Thursday 8th April 2010 - When i say a day full of Everything I don't mean i did everything, i just had lots to do but at the same time i had nothing going on. does that make sense? I dot have work tonight in the end tho so at least i earned a few pennies :D

Today my Song is And She Was by Talking Heads

Day 205 - Ahhh a Mouse

205/365 - Ahhh a Mouse, originally uploaded by magirob.

Weds 7th April 2010 - Oh my god, there is a mouse in my bathroom, where is a passing cat when you need one?

Today my song is - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle

Day 204 - Too Close for Comfort

204/365 - Too Close for Comfort, originally uploaded by magirob.

Tuesday 6th April 2010 - Wow what a HUGE nose i have. I have been chilling today but saw my buddies Clint and Chris this evening.

Today my song is Hoppipolla - By Sigur Ros

Day 203 - Crime Scene

203/365 - Crime Scene, originally uploaded by magirob.

Monday 5th April 2010 - I am dead tired tonight so thought I would hang out in the bath, he he, then when I edited at the photo I thought it looked like a crime scene.

Todays song is Colours of the Wind - by Judy Kuhn

Day 202 - Chocolate Egg

202/365 - Chocolate Egg, originally uploaded by magirob.

Sunday 4th April 2010 - Yummy yummy yummy and yummy, what more can I say :o)

Today my song is California Girls - By the Beach Boys

Day 201 - Little Chicky

201/365 - Little Chicky, originally uploaded by magirob.

Saturday 3rd April 2010 - Awwwww cute little chicky, its been 2 long days so far and I have 2 more long days to go.

Today my song is Chick chick chick chick chicken, lay a little egg for me :o)

Day 200 - Columbo

200/365 - Columbo, originally uploaded by magirob.

Friday 2nd April 2010 - Good Friday - Well its Day 200 and as its one of my busiest weekends of the year I have been working ALL day, I only had a few minutes spare before midnight to get a photo done. I have decided to dedicate Day 200 to one of my heroes, Peter Falk.

Columbo played by Peter Falk is my all time favourite characters, he is just so likable, it would be brilliant to meet him.

This photo is a prized possession of mine which was given to me by my lovely other half a few years ago.

Todays song is more if a nursery rhyme but it is Columbo related, its "This Old Man, He Played One" as performed by Peter Falk while on the telephone in the 1973 Columbo episode - Any Port in a Storm. It always brings a smile to my face.

Day 199 - The O.K.Corral

199/365 - The O.K.Corral, originally uploaded by magirob.

Thursday 1st April 2010 - No April fools from me here, and i have not seen or heard of any either, oh well.
Today i have been reading up about the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, what a fascinating story, i have never seen any films like Tombstone or any of the older films about the gunfight so didn't really know anything about it. Very interesting stuff :D

Day 198 - Researching Cowboys

198/369 - Researching Cowboy, originally uploaded by magirob.

Wednesday 31st March 2010 - Well i am in Full Cowboy mode at the mo, you may not tell it from this photo but i promise I am.

American Flags galore, Wagon Trains and lots of Western paraphernalia, Why i hear you ask? Well this is just the beginning of a 6 week build up to the Portsmouth Magic Circle Annual Dinner of which i am one of the main organisers, the Theme this year - The Wild West, YEEEEEHAAAAW

Todays song - Well it would be The Big Country by Jerome Moross