Day 365 - Three Hundred and Sixty Five

September 14th 2010 - Today I am in my first port of call on this voyage and its Lisbon, quite a nice place, very sprawling but i got to see a lot, Its also my last self portrait in this project and during the last 365 days I have been to - Denia, Valencia, Malaga and Cadiz, Cornwall 4 times, Brighton, The Royal Albert Hall, West Bay, Jersey 3 times, Blackpool, Cork, Staffordshire, Birmingham, Elstree, Bordon, Durdle Door, Torquay, Lyme Regis, Harrods, Virginia Waters, Selsey, Lacock, The Isle of Wight, Southampton, Dubrovnic, Venice, Split, Corfu, Forest End, Chichester, Milland, Lodsworth, Matlock Bath, Bournemouth, Burley, Lisbon, Snowdon, Llandudno, Portmeirion and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

I have included Superman, Mr Benn, Teenwolf, Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid, Doctor Who, Phineas and Ferb, Rupert, Scooby Doo, Columbo, Ben 10 and the American Werewolf in London.

People joining me in my photos were Nathan (14 times), Clint (7), Chris (6), Rachel Barron (3), Amy Wilson (3), Darren (2), Scott (2), Lisa (1), Simon (1), David Muttock (1), Harold (1), Sharon (1), Aimee (1), Sean (3), Gemma (1), Chris Guppy (1), Matt Isreal (1), Charlie (1), Jenny (1), Jamie (1) and not forgetting Matt and Amy Stinton (1).

I have involved Lions, Pandas, a Zebra, a Ladybird, a Shark, some Chickens, Frogs, a Horse, Bears, a Dinosaur, a Penguin, a Chicks, a Sheep, a Cat, a Platypus, a Dog and a Monkey.

I have helped to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Valentines day, Australia Day, World Hello Day, Three Weddings (Nikki and Roy, Clint and Rachel, Matt and Amy), Freddie Mercurys Birthday, Billy the Kids Birthday, New Year, My Nans 90th, Independence Day, Harolds 70th Birthday and Nats 35th Birthday.

I ended up stabbing myself, I lost the hearing in my right ear, had plastic Surgery and lost the feeling in my left thumb, my cat died and I had 7 Hair Cuts.
In the 365 days there have been 489 Images of me. 29 photos were taken in my Bathroom while 13 were in my Garden. 37 were Black and White while 34 were a mixture of black & white and colour.

I have been to the Cinema 25 times including 3 times on board a ship, I saw District 9, Up, This is it, 2012, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes (twice), Princess and the Frog, Percy Jackson, Wolfman, Alice (twice), Clash of the Titans (twice), Nanny Mcphee, Iron Man, Prince of Persia, Wild Target, How to Train your Dragon, Predators, Toy Story 3, The A Team, The Karate Kid, Inception and the Sorcerers Apprentice.

People who have helped me with my 365 photos are Nathan, Clint, Al, Kristy, Del, Chris, Sean, Sharon, Rick, Scott and a random stranger in Split.

Its has been a challenge and at times its been fun, other times its been a pain but most of all its been an accomplishment, never would I ever imagine I would make it to the end of a year, Finally I can put the camera down and not touch it for a whole 24 hours . . . . . Or can I????

Thanks for watching


Day 364 - Funnel Vision

364/365 - Funnel Vision, originally uploaded by magirob.

Monday 13th September 2010 - Quite a long day today with not a lot going on, its posh frock night tonight but as I don't have any posh frocks I worse my dinner jacket :D I ate in probably the worlds finest Chinese restaurant tonight, never will I eat a Chinese meal as good as that one, I can't describe how good it was, beautiful, really beautiful.

My last day of this project is tomorrow, woohoo :D

Day 365 - Cabin Fever

363/365 - Cabin Fever, originally uploaded by magirob.

Sunday 12th September 2010 - I did my first show on board the Ventura tonight, I had the world famous award winning mind reader, mentalist and magician Mark Paul in the audience, thank god I didn’t know he was watching until after my show, he did have some high praise for me so that has made my day.

Day 362 - The Ventura

362/365 - The Ventura, originally uploaded by magirob.

I have arrived on board my cruise ship the Ventura, Its HUGE, with 3078 people on board its 290 meters long and has and 19 decks in total (yes 19), its about as tall as tower bridge in London.
Its going to take me about 2 weeks to find my way around properly which is the exact amount of time my trip actually is.

361/365 - Strikhedonia

361/365 - Strikhedonia, originally uploaded by magirob.

Friday 10th September 2010 - I am off away again tomorrow on another cruise so my last 4 photos will be coming from on board the ship.

Strikhedonia - What a lovely word :D I feel I could make a lot of use of that. I think we all should. - If you don't know what it means, go look it up.

360/365 - Another Suitcase in Another Hall

360/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

Thursday 9th September 2010 - We had the last burst of summer today, I went out in my jeans and nice warm hoodie and the sun was shining and it got very warm. I am still packing for my trip, I am now half packed (I think).

Day 359 - The Home Straight

359/365 - The Home Straight, originally uploaded by magirob.

Wednesday 8th September 2010 - Today has been yet another packing day, I am off away again on Saturday on another cruise so have started the packing early. I now have just 6 more photos to take before the end of my 365 project, what will I do with myself when its finished? I will have nothing to do, ha ha (gets brain into gear to come up with a new project).