Day 165 - Ghostbusters

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26th Feb 2010

Day 164 - Not a good day

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25th Feb 2010 - Some friends of mine received some pretty devastating news today so my thoughts are with them at the moment.

My other half AND my cat are both poorly and i have had an ear infection for the last 2 weeks which means i have a constant buzzing in my right ear which is now driving me mad :o( also missing my 2 best mates big time.

I just want to lock myself away and avoid the outside world but thank got i didn't because Sean makes a lovely cup of tea and he cheered me up no end :D

Day 163 - Superman

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4th Feb 2010 - Thanks to Scott for this idea.

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?
No its just Rob taking his clothes off in the street again.

Day 162 - Let there be Light

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23rd Feb 2010 - I have been cold ALL day today, i only warmed up this evening and only because i was in bed, lol, oh where is summer, its due any minute now, i am sure.

Day 161 - Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Monday 22nd Feb 2010 - I have no idea what i was doing here but i kinda like the effect anyway :D

Day 160 - Blackpool Tower

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Sunday 21st Feb 2010 - Last day of the Magic convention today, got this on the way to the winter gardens in Blackpool.

Day 159 - Magicked Out

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Saturday 20th Feb 2010 - Another manic day today and i totally ran out of time to do a photo so here i am just before going to bed, worn out after a day full of magic :D

Day 158 - Me & My Monkey

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Friday 19th March 2010 - After a long drive up to Blackpool and then a few hours in the largest meeting of magic in the world i was dead tired and only took a quick picture, Here is my new puppet for my Pirate themed magic show, been wanting one for ages but never got round to buying him, just need to make him his new costume and he will be ready to go.

Day 157 - Darkness Envelops Me

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18th Feb 2010 - Just a quicky today as i have been getting ready for a trip up north to the delights of Blackpool. I am going there not for a holiday but for the worlds largest magic convention. Its like the Magical version of a sardine tin with over 3000 magicians crammed into 1 building . . . . . . oh joy!!!

Day 156 - Rubber Band Mistakes

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Feb 17th 2010 - OK there is a bit of explaining for this one, A friend told me that on this day in 1845 the rubber/elastic band was given a patent. I have however just found out that he is a month out and its actually 17th March :D so i still have a link as to why i have a Rubber/elastic band today -
Today is the birthday of actor Lou Diamond Philips, he played Richie Valens in the film La Bamba and the song La Bamba was recorded by the BAND Los Lobos, sorry its a link albeit a weak one, he he :D

Day 155 - Pancake Day

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16th Feb 2010 - Its Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake day :D and what better way to celebrate than with 155 Pancakes . . . . . maybe not huh.

Day 154 - Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year was actually yesterday but i had Valentines day to do yesterday and the Chinese New Year festivities go on for 15 days so I am sure they don't mind waiting.

I made these paper lanterns this morning, what fun :D I don't speak Chinese so I have probably written something offensive on the Lanterns, apologies if I have.

Its also Presidents day today so happy Presidents day to anyone who celebrates it (if thats what you do with Presidents day?)

Day 153 - Valentines

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14th Feb 2010 - Happy Valentines day :D just a silly little photo of a romantic Frenchman today as i am busy doing other things :D

Day 152 - Olympic Rings

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13th Feb 2010 - In 15 mins time i am about to start watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games from Vancouver, come on team GB, win us a load of Medals.

RIP Nodar Kumaritashvili

Day 151 - Curled Up

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12th Feb 2010 - I been out photographing people today, and talking to people who want to be photographed too :D what a jolly day :D

Day 150 - One Hundred and Fifty

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11th Feb 2010 - Another milestone :D. Its been a lovely day here again, really sunny everywhere and i went to see Wolfman at the cinema too, anyone who knows me will know i LOVE werewolves and sunny days so today has been an EXCELLENT day :D

Day 149 - Good Luck Mate

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11th Feb 2010 - One of my best mates is currently in Africa and in a few days he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro, I know he looks in on my photos from time to time so Chris, this is for you, Good luck matey :D

Day 148 - Shower Time

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9th Feb 2010 - Time for my Annual Shower and NO i don't always wear a t-shirt in there, he he.

Day 147 - Mirror Rob

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8th Feb 2010 - I originally had an idea for a photo using my other halfs amazing bathroom mirror but it didn't work very well so here is one in my bathroom mirror.

Day 146 - The Princess and the Frog

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Sunday 7th Feb 2010 - Tonight i went to see the new Disney film, The Princess and the Frog. Here i am with my little frog, did he turn into a prince???? like hell did he? bloody stupid idea that was. he he

Day 145 - Yellow

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Saturday 6th Feb 2010 - Another nice day in Portsmouth with the sun shining all day :D Spoke to my mate Chris today, he is in Africa, how cool is that :D technology is amazing.

Day 144 - Blue Beach

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Friday 5th Feb 2010 - What a nice days its been, the sun was shining, its a lovely day, the perfect weather for the kids to play . . . . . . anyway, i will stop before i break into song. :D

Day 143 - Red Shadow

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Thursday 4th Feb 2010 - I had Shepherds pie for dinner tonight, gotta be one of my favourite meals :oP yummy

Day 142 - From Above

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Weds 3rd Feb 2010 - Chilled out day today, planned a few holidays and saw Amy, Rachel and Clint too :o)

Day 141 - Home Again

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Feb 2nd 2010 - I have spent most of today editing photos from my weekend in Jersey and i am worn out :D

Day 140 - St Brelade's Bay

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Day 140 - Feb 1st 2010 - My Nans 90th Birthday, This is St Brelade's Bay on the south west corner of Jersey, it is the most AMAZING beach and i think it is a close contender for my favourite beach in the UK.

Day 139 - Noirmont Point

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Sunday 31st Jan 2010 - Noirmont Point in St Brelade is a war memorial and the area is littered with buildings and fortifications left over by the Germans after the Second World War. Here i am on the Noirmont Point Light Tower.

Day 138 - St Catherines Breakwater

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Saturday 30th Jan 2010 - The second day of my Jersey trip, this is St Catherines Breakwater on the north east corner of Jersey.

Day 137 - St Ouens bay

137/365, originally uploaded by magirob.

Friday 29th Jan 2010 - My first day in Jersey, this is the southern end of St Ouens Bay on the west coast of Jersey.